Learning about Presbyopia Clearly

Learning about Presbyopia Clearly

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Unlike good wine, vision does not improve with age. When a person begins to turn 40, he or she may notice vision problems. This condition is called presbyopia, when the eye shows a reduced ability to focus on nearby objects. Riding bicycles, swimming, reading, or doing something you love should not stop when you light candles on your 40-year-old cake. Kraft eye institute educates how to deal with presbyopia and continue to live an energetic life without a break.

When to contact a professional

One of the first symptoms that people usually notice is the inability to read fine print, especially in low light conditions. In addition, people tend to notice an unpleasant eye strain when reading for a long period of time. In some cases, some patients complain that their hands are too short to hold reading materials at a convenient distance. If you have any of these symptoms, contact your doctor today.

Learning about Presbyopia Clearly

Correcting Presbyopia with Contacts

To fix the problem, doctors usually prescribe reading glasses or bifocal glasses. However, new updates in the eye care industry allow optometrists to find a different solution to the problem. Progressive lenses provide a more gradual increase in power when approaching an object. Contact lenses are now able to correct presbyopia – only your vision specialist can determine if contacts are right for you.

Multifocal and progressive contacts

One of the most ideal solutions for correcting presbyopia is multifocal or progressive contacts of the latest generation. A new line of multifocal and progressive contacts allows optometrists and patients to have more freedom and opportunities for eye care. In fact, a line of multifocal / progressive contacts first appeared in ophthalmological centers many years ago, but patients were not happy with the vision they provided. Updates, innovations and ongoing research have changed the function and focus of these lenses over the years. Today it is one of the most powerful lenses on the market.